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  Is the Bodylastics Portable Gym really portable? Big Time! It weighs about 1.5 lbs and can easily fit in a top drawer or even a briefcase. The whole system packs in a rugged nylon bag (included)


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Bodylastics - the most effective portable gym available!
Welcome! 7 years ago we set out to develop a portable gym that would not only have adjustable resistance (tension), but could also recreate the best health club exercises. In 1998 after many, many prototypes and 2 years of testing, we launched the amazing portable gym system that is highlighted on this site.

Our portable gym uses a unique system of resistance bands that can create from to 15 levels of tension (basic tension set) up to 31 levels of tension! (max tension set). When you combine this with our well designed components, you end up with a versatile, muscle working machine that can fit in your suitcase or top drawer.

Just because a gym is portable and compact does not mean that it is not effective. In fact, our system is so good that we actually go head to head with the big boys like Bowflex on a daily basis. Click here to compare us to Bowflex and Soloflex.


Big Time! The important thing to remember is that resistance is resistance. What I mean is that your muscles will not be able to identify what type of resistance that they are using. Your muscles are blind. They will only know that your muscle is working against resistance - not what type of resistance.

Now let me explain why resistance and resistance training are so important for your muscles. It's pretty simple really. When you place your body under new stresses (resistance) you body will have to adapt to handle these new stresses. How is it going to adapt? It is going to adapt by making your muscles bigger and stronger. This is the theory of adaptation. Elastic bands create smooth constant resistance without momentum (it is momentum that often causes injuries with free weights). So, when you use them to train your muscles they will be hard on your muscles but easy on your joints.

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